Revised info-graphic poster

  1. imageimageimageI looked at this task again based on feedback. I was reminded of the light bulb exercise which I liked, enlarging and turning images for effect. Why didn’t I think of doing this? Anyway, I agree that enlarging the image of the brain improves the design, but I felt that the facts didn’t sit well in the design squeezed into the corner.  The facts are central to the poster, so I overlaid them on the brain image. This isn’t entirely satisfactory as the text fights for attention over the image. However, I do think the overall design is an improvement from the original. It has more form and structure. I feel I could do more work on this, but I just want to submit this for assessment and move on……



Revised SingOut posters 

So, I found the suggestions to use a grid, to decide what to ‘lead’ on from my tutor, very helpful. As always I like images best and decided to lead on these, making them big. Then I decided a solid block of black would make the design more striking. After some fiddling around with try outs, these are the final designs I plumped on.

Reviewing my submission

I had a mountain of useful feedback from my tutor as far back as the end of Novmber 2015. Then I just lapsed. My granddaughter was filling my time and my mum fell ill. Now I am determined to submit this course, for better or worse, so that I can just crack on. One thing that I’ve already looked at and found very good is the tumblr blog, women of graphic design, which is full of inspirational stuff. The other thing my tutor pointed me to, which had I known about at the beginning of this course might have transformed my attitude to graphic design, is Mariscal’s work, which is just fantastic in its un graphic designy way. It makes me feel I can be as messy and loose in my work as I want (which is pretty messy and loose by instinct). So, based on some suggestions made by my tutor, I have amended quite a lot of my work for section five and can definitely see a huge improvement. 

Final designs for assignment five: Abigail’s party

Here are the final designs for Abigail’s party. My reflections on this project are 1) that I’ve managed to get a feel of the era with the main font and with the incorporation of the tray design. 2) but it’s been quite challenging to pull together all the elements in a satisfactory way. There seem to have been a myriad of decisions to make and too many options to think about. I am never confident that I have made the right choices. So the questions that remain with these final designs are the query already raised that the tray design enlargement on the programme has not been carried through on the other elements. Does this e matter or is the variety interesting? On the two sided flyer I have sloped the sides of the rectangles to make the design more dynamic. Again, this has not been carried through into other designs. Does this matter? Maybe it does. Also on this piece I have repeated the glass element on the front and back of the flyer. I am not sure this works either? Another issue is that the body font I have used is not very seventies. I couldn’t find one I could use that was, and this seemed at least to be relevant as typewriters were still in use in the seventies and it is a typewriter font. 

I have enjoyed working on this despite the queries and uncertainties. The colour choices were easy because I was led by the colour ranges on the tray design. So despite my general conclusion that graphic design is not a strength of mine there are some aspects of design and layout I enjoy and of course it is all very relevant and helpful in relation to my main joy, which is illustration. 


Designing the programme for Abigail’s party

This design happened by accident. I started laying it out and accidentally enlarged the tray design, and rather liked the effect so I decided to play with it. The final image below is the one I decided to go with because I think the location of the flower in the design sits well in this position and I also think the inclusion of the spot colour with the glass adds richness to the design.  But then it made me think perhaps I should revisit all the other designs with the enlarged pattern design because a) it looks stronger and b) the programme will not be consistent with the rest of the suite…. Ah well.


A two sided leaflet to promote Abigail’s party

 I tried a number of colours and layouts for the double sided leaflet. I decided that the faded tray pattern was too washed out so plumped for the bottom tray patterns. I thought it best to stick with the typography in white to go with the overall theme. I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea to repeat the spot colour glass on both the front and the back, or whether they should be different?  There are altogether too many things to consider!   

Firming up the poster 

I decided a thin strip of the tray pattern worked quite well. The pale blue picked from the pattern helps the design and the typography works better in white than orange or dark blue. BUT it still r,aims a bit boring.  To liven it up I thought the addition of some ‘spot’ colour and interest might help. I found a seventies wine glass on the Internet, played with the colour, and inserted it  into the poster. I think it injects a bit of funkiness to the poster, and has a nod to 2015 as well as the depiction of the seventies. My worked examples are below and final poster below this….. 
I like this one best because the touch of orange adds focus. I like the overlap with the lettering, as it makes the layer overt. I like having more white to balance the lettering above it. I think this works.   

Progressing with Abigail’s party poster

First I created some lettering after looking at a rang of seventies typography online. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it took ages.  I created it in the vector drawing app, Skribl. I think it fails to work as a cohesive balanced object which is what I’d intended. On the plus side I think the wavy bits are really quite the right kind of groove for the seventies! 

I committed myself to the tray. I love the colours and the pattern. I was concerned it might be q bit too bright, so tried making it opaque, but I think it looks too washed out like that. 

For the body text I used a typewriter style font which I’m not altogether convinced fits, but the range of fonts that come with the app I was using are limited and I can’t work out how to import ins own fonts to it, so that has constrained me. 

The image below shows a few early attempts at laying out the design for a poster for Abigail’s party, picking out and reusing some of the colours from the tray. 


Getting on with it

It’s hard restarting work when you’ve lost focus.  I mean to crack on with my Abigail’s party poster now though.  I  just checked when it premiered and it wasn’t till 1977 in fact, but the play was probably written looking back at the 70s so all designs of the seventies are valid in designing a poster.  So the style and colour are key, as is the typography. I’ve got a Habitat tray I bought in circa 1970, which survives and is still in my possession (minus he matching biscuit tin!) and I think both the colour and design of it could be useful in my poster. I quite like the fact that it has scratches on it giving it a vintage feel.  


Assignment five: Abigail’s Party

It had to be this subject for this assignment. I LOVE this film, and think it has a lot of scope to be good fun as the final piece of work. So first, some research. What posters have already been produced in aid of this great story, either for the film or at the theatre? Here are some great examples….

Here’s the BBC DVD of the play with Alison Steadman performing her classic role. I love the groovy font that’s been used. Very reminiscent of the seventies.

This one is great too. I especially like the background pattern and silhouetted dancers, very reminiscent of the seventies. 

This is more of a classic west end theatre poster.

These two play with classic seventies shapes and colours too.