I have always been ambivalent about studying graphic design though I could of course see its relevance to my interest in illustration. I have learned a lot from doing the course though, and have even enjoyed large chunks of it. My biggest learning is this: that my fixed idea of what it means to be a graphic designer is rubbish and that you can be, as I am, as messy and wild as you like! In fact the best graphic designs are full of personality. I especially loved finding the work of Javier Mariscal, it is truly inspirational.

I have also learned a few technical things, and now have plenty of ideas about how to make a design work. I found the idea of using a grid helpful, and enlarging images beyond the page very helpful.  Altogether I now see this course as an essential component of my studies.

It has been very stop start because of my personal circumstances in the last year, but I am now really looking forward to progressing.