imageimageimageI was happy to look at Abigail’s party designs again. The suggestions my tutor made chimed with my feelings. Too much going on and reluctance to let go of any of the ideas. I agreed that by serendipity I had produced a glass image which seemed to fit the theme and conjure up the epoch. So I decided to explore that idea.

I loved the glass enlarged and at a tipsy angle.

I was very happy with the glass and its colour, but was undecided about the colour of the text and the positioning of it. I fiddled with the groovy text I created to tweak it and tidy it a bit. I switched from Verdana to Futura which is a favourite of mine. I had not realised that Verdana is not suitable for print.

My tutor had queried whether I had done research to come up with the lettering of Abigail’s party. I had. I explored sixties and seventies lettering online. In the end though, I just drew it. It came easily to me as I was a child of the seventies myself, and spent hours filling school exercise books with this kind of lettering and got a lot of practice at it!